Keeping it real gone wrong – a True Florida Man story

Keeping it real gone wrong – a True Florida Man story

Today I’m gonna share with you a pretty weird and funny story. My mother, sister, cousin and aunt all were in New Orleans for some function that Ann Rice was having. They arrived a couple of days early and were seeing the sights during the day. Well, two guys saw this small group of four women and thought it’d be a good idea to mug them. They ran up to them in broad daylight from across the street. My cousin saw them coming and she stopped walking and let everyone get a few dozen feet ahead of her. The first dude just ran up and punched my aunt straight in her eye which took her totally by surprise and it knocked her down. The second guy tried to snatch my mother’s purse thinking he’d just yank it free and run away. She of course wasn’t going to let that happened and managed to grab one of the straps and was holding on tight. While in this tug of war over her purse, she reached for her gun in her purse with her free hand. She was just going to shoot the guy through her purse. My sister doing the absolute worst action possible jumped in between them and started pulling the purse away from my mother yelling to let it go (she just wanted the situation over with). Which resulted in the mugger and my sister both pulling against my mother for possession of the purse. So my mom couldn’t shoot the guy through her purse as she intended. Meanwhile, the other guy grabs my aunt’s purse and she’s scrambling back to her feet while simultaneously trying to grab him to prevent him getting away with her purse. He turned and
was trying to haul ass towards the alley. She during this chaotic situation ended up ripping his entire shirt off of him. Which in effect freed him from her grasp. He was shirtless now but had her purse so she took off running after him waving his shirt in the air and yelling obscenities as she went in full pursuit after him. The guy wrestling with my mother ended up (with assistance from my sister) breaking the strap on my mother’s purse. My sister fell to the wayside with the sudden release. But my mother had already gotten her hand on her pistol so he pulled the purse away and suddenly had a lady pointing a gun at his face. He then wasted no time in hauling ass towards the same alleyway where his buddy had run followed by my aunt. My mother took off after the whole caravan of them into the alley with gun in hand. She couldn’t shoot him because he was actually behind my aunt who was chasing the first guy. So she cracked off a couple shots in the air (out of frustration or trying to get them to stop I dunno). The guys got away with the purses but without their street cred. My family tried getting out of there but someone called the cops who when they arrived thought it was freaking hilarious. They did take my mothers gun as it wasn’t exactly legal to conceal carry or to have shot it either. I wonder if those guys decided to hang up their mugging days after that day. I think it’s a safe bet that they don’t talk about it.


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