Florida Woman Left Her 3 Children In A Bus To Smoke Weed On A Boat

Florida Woman Left Her 3 Children In A Bus To Smoke Weed On A Boat

A very wordy title but I promise you, every one is essential.

A small school bus with “Meg’s Playhouse and School” written on the side, was parked in a Pinellas county beach parking lot around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday. Gulfport Police checked on the vehicle and discovered 3 children, aged 3, 6, and 9, were locked inside.

The children told officers their mother left them inside the bus around 9 pm on Wednesday night, so she could spend the night with a man on a boat (not a euphemism). Police spent a few hours searching the boats anchored nearby and eventually found the mother, 33 year old Andrea L. Kerins, a transient woman whose last known address was Tennessee. She admitted she’d been smoking pot with the boat man and intended on spending the night. She has been charged with 3 counts of felony child neglect.

Inside the bus, police found–to be blunt, a fucking mess–along with unrefrigerated perishable food and a bucket for the children to use as a bathroom. DCF has taken custody of the children, “for the time being” they say, which probably means they’ll be back on the bus in a few weeks.

I hope they have a lid for the bucket, at least.

Pinellas mother left 3 kids, 3, 6, 9, in school bus overnight to smoke on a boat: police


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