Florida Woman “Flashes” Schoolchildren, Could Cost Her $44,000 Per Year

Florida Woman “Flashes” Schoolchildren, Could Cost Her $44,000 Per Year

Fresh from Broward County, (because where else would a story with this many bad decisions come from?), a school administrator dressed as a flasher on Halloween and now faces disciplinary action that could cost her $44,000 a year in docked wages.

What had happened was, Mary Coker, Director of Procurement and Warehousing Services for Broward County Schools, created a Halloween costume that consisted of a black trench coat, a sheer bodysuit beneath, adorned with fake nipples and a strip of fake hair covering her pubic area. Coker made two appearances that day, at an alternative school, and at an administrative brunch, where she “flashed”, and reportedly made people (including two minor students) uncomfortable because they weren’t sure if she was actually naked or if the nipples and prominent bush were fake.

Complaints were made, details were reviewed, and the Schools Superintendent has decided to ask the school board to demote Coker to Manager of Materials and Logistics, which would reduce her pay to $110,702 per year, a loss of more than $44,000 per year. This would make the second reduction in pay for this woman, in a position she’s held since 2016. (See, originally she was hired to do this job for $161,358 which is, somehow, $8,000 more than the job is allowed to pay so after a complaint, her pay was adjusted to $154,286 per year, and no one was punished or called out for it. Which sounds like SOP for Broward, amirite!)

I don’t have the results of the school board meeting, but I have no reason to think the request from the Superintendent won’t be honored. What I am utterly astonished by is the amount of money being paid to this woman in the first place! We pay teachers like $40k a year (after a few years), and this woman has been making $154k+ per year just for ordering materials for schools to use (and there’s people making more than $110k/yr who work beneath her! How much does it actually cost to order supplies for Broward County?). I doubt Walmart is paying that much for the person who oversees the ordering for their Broward County stores (but I definitely could be wrong on that so don’t quote me).

All I know is next time people start ranting about teacher pay and taxes and how stupid students are these days, remember this lady and how much money we, the people, pay her and those in similar positions. We have 67 counties in Florida.


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