Florida Man mutant arrested

Florida Man mutant arrested

Holy shit this guy’s got a lot to comment on. Let’s start with the BIG ASS ears. Wow! Just wow, I’m pretty sure he can hear the future with those bad boys.

His forehead is built like a dirt road. Not sure what’s going on there. There’s also a couple things on his lips that I don’t even want to imagine what they could be. The whack haircut is somehow the least offensive thing going on here. The braids are a nice touch but with handles for ears might not be the best look when going to prison.

He had a couple other characters with him as well.

The police report on the encounter gives an insight into a pretty bad situation for all involved.

Last night, (10/08/2019) Deputy Bowman conducted a traffic stop on an expired tag. Behind the wheel, he found Ricky Deeley (DOB: 9/17/1985) who had a suspended driver’s license. Deputy Bowman continued his investigation where it was determined that passenger Logan Tindale (DOB: 03/24/1999) not only had a felony warrant out for his arrest, but he lied about his name when originally questioned. Once Deputy Bowman began a search of the vehicle it was determined that passenger Katlyn Spruill (4/16/1999) was in possession of a bag containing 23 grams of methamphetamine, a handgun, cocaine, marijuana, 20 Methylin pills and a digital scale. Deeley, Tindale, and Spruill were all placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail.

Florida Man

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