Florida Woman shoplifts and passes on the popular pornographic theme **Video** and fights her way out

Florida Woman shoplifts and passes on the popular pornographic theme **Video** and fights her way out

Here we have a great story of a true Florida Woman. She was caught shoplifting and was confronted. Almost talked her way out of it until she ran away. Unfortunately, she had left her identification there so, she ended up coming back.

On Sunday just after 5:47 a.m., Doranda Jo Ussery entered the Walmart at 2000 SR 60 E. in Lake Wales. That’s when she spent a couple hours trying to execute her master criminal plan. I’m thinking a different line of work perhaps because she’s not very good at this just down to a fundamental level.

Once they had taken her to the back room with loss prevention security officers. She sat there for a bit and then pulled out a can of mace and hosed down her opponents and tried fighting her way outta there. Now THAT’s some true Florida gal technique. She lost the mace in the struggle.

However, that didn’t make things better for anyone. She pulled out a knife and started swinging it. With that effort she was able to make if from the back room where a particularly degrading pornography site likes to use as a standard setting. I’m wondering if that had anything to do with her just throwing caution to the wind and going full blast on trying to get out of there.

She escaped out the front and jumped in a car and got away. As of this time she is currently free. They’ve captured the driver. And with all the security footage, her picture as well as her ID I don’t think this young lady will be free for very long.


To see the security footage of her fighting, further updates and professional reporting of all sorts be sure to check out the fine folks at. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/local-news/florida-woman-allegedly-tried-to-steal-from-walmart-pepper-sprayed-employees-before-escaping

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