Florida Man makes witty graphitti and proceeds to take his best photograph ever

Florida Man makes witty graphitti and proceeds to take his best photograph ever

We’ll get to the crime in a minute. This dude was clearly prepped before he went to jail. He got the windswept hair just so with the right amount of hairspray. Ok, I’m assuming the hairspray, I’m not quite sure how managed that level of sheer volume. The trimmed mustache resting atop his smug smirk that let’s us all know he’s very pleased with himself. Ok, well on to the rest of the story.

MELBOURNE, Fla. – A Florida man who spray painted the word “slur” in a bar bathroom was found with spray cans still in his backpack, according to the Melbourne Police Department.

Police said a witness saw Paul Scott, 24, walk into the men’s restroom at Mugs Pub Sunday night with his backpack and when he left, there was wet pink paint on the wall that read, “slur.”

When police approached Scott, they said he initially told them he had been in the bar for about 15 minutes and during that time, he had one beer before an employee asked him to leave.

According to authorities, they could hear the sound of aluminum cans coming from Scott’s backpack and when they searched it, they found spray paint bottles, and an empty bottle that was still wet, in the same shade of pink as the graffiti inside the restroom.

Scott said he is a painter and spray paints often but denied painting in the restroom.

“All I did was go inside, use the restroom and leave,” Scott said, according to the affidavit.

He was arrested on a criminal mischief charge.


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