Florida Man Dresses Up as Batman and Walks a Bullied 3 Year Old Girl to School

Florida Man Dresses Up as Batman and Walks a Bullied 3 Year Old Girl to School

In a refreshing turn of events, a Florida man made the news for actually being a truly nice and uplifting citizen. A mother in Crystal River, Florida, was concerned when her three-year-old daughter was coming home from preschool with bruises, and then a black eye.

The woman’s daughter said that other students were hitting her, and threw a shoe at her. The concerned mother reported the incident to the school, but her daughter was still facing issues. Then the mother reached out on social media and received an unconventional solution to their problem.

A local Batman impersonator, Jack Asbury, saw the Facebook plea, and offered to walk the little girl to her pre-school class.

This was a beautiful gesture done purely out of the kindness of this man’s heart. Follow The Batman of Spring Hill to see the other acts of kindness done by Jack Asbury. The guy deserves a ton of fans and accolades for the good he is doing in the world. When Fred Rogers said to look for the helpers in the world, this is one of the people he was talking about.

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