Florida Man Hits Loud Group With Roach Spray, Then Hits Self With Nunchucks

Florida Man Hits Loud Group With Roach Spray, Then Hits Self With Nunchucks

Daytona Beach police have arrested a Florida Man, Larry Adams, for allegedly using nunchucks and roach spray on his neighbors.

The people inside the car told officers they were celebrating the 18th birthday of one of them, while Adams, who left his nearby apartment around 1 AM was verbally combative with the group by the car. The victims told police Adams cursed and made threats to the group, even threatening to shoot them, according to Adams’ arrest affidavit.

The group began to argue with Adams, and that’s when the 61-year-old pulled out a can of roach spray and proceeded to douse the neighbors with it, according to the police report. Adams then attempted to attack the victims with nunchucks.

The group at the car evaded the attack and Adams struck the car causing the nunchucks to bounce back and strike him in the forehead instead, according to police.

Right about this time, Adams and 2 of the victims decide to call 911 instead of just laugh at his dumbassery, turn down the volume at 1 freakin’ AM and call it a night for everyone involved…


Officers arrived on the scene and found Adams with a small cut to his forehead and a big bruise to his ego. Upon checking his home, they found one nunchuck, one can of pepper spray, one empty can of roach spray, a silver box containing a loaded semiautomatic handgun magazine and projectiles inside a sock on Adams’ bed next to where a child was sleeping.

Police arrested Adams on aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges. He’s now being held in the Volusia County Jail. And so ends yet another mini-saga of Florida Man. Until next time…

Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/man-uses-roach-spray-nunchucks-to-quiet-down-neighbors-police-say

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