Florida Man Gets Tipsy With Potted Plants; Deland Police Root Him Out

Florida Man Gets Tipsy With Potted Plants; Deland Police Root Him Out

Deland police officers said they have arrested the man at the root of their pushed over potted plants problem.

The department had been investigating multiple reports of decorative plant pots being knocked over by North Woodland Boulevard. They first received reports Aug. 4.

Surveillance video from the university showed a man pushing over the large pot of plants, the damage amounting to more than $200, according to a sergeant with Stetson’s public safety office.

On Aug. 8, Deland police got a call from an Advance Auto Parts on North Woodland Boulevard where suspect Taylor Bonner was being held.

Officers were able to connect Bonner with the surveillance photos.

The 27-year-old told officers he got really drunk and didn’t remember the evening in which the potted plants were knocked over, according to the arrest report.

When officers asked if he knew about the flower pots that were pushed over along the street, he told officers, “I pushed one over,” according to the arrest report.

Bonner also told officers he also walked through Stetson University, where he knocked over pots.

The City of Deland stated Bonner caused damage amounting to $5,125. Stetson University stated their cost was approximately $500.

Bonner is being held on a criminal mischief charge in the Volusia County Jail.


Source: https://www.clickorlando.com/news/police-get-to-root-of-pushed-over-plants-investigation-arrest-man

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