Florida Man Shoots Self In Leg … TWICE!

Florida Man Shoots Self In Leg … TWICE!

Gainesville Fire Rescue crews treated a man after he injured himself with a firearm at the Bass Pro Shops located in Celebration Pointe. Gainesville Fire Rescue says the man was carrying a gun in his pocket when it accidentally discharged twice, hitting his leg both times.

The gunshots caused shoppers to hide and flee the store.

The man is in stable condition, no one else was hurt.

He did have a concealed carry permit, deputies say. –We say he’s still a freakin’ idiot.

Gainesville Fire@GFR1882

GFR crews are on scene at Bass Pro Shops treating a male patient for an accidental discharge of a firearm that discharged in his pocket. The only injury is to the gun owner, who is in stable condition. Law Enforcement is investigating further.

Source: https://www.wcjb.com/content/news/BREAKING-Accidential-shooting-at-Bass-Pro-Shops-535585601.html

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