Quite the Florida Man adventure took place when the cops showed up at a meth house.

Quite the Florida Man adventure took place when the cops showed up at a meth house.

The Inwood neighborhood is 2 square miles with a population of 6,925 (according to the all-knowing Wikipedia), and our deputies went to one of the homes on Avenue U NW during an investigation.

As the deputies approached the house, people scattered.
Richard ran but eventually gave up. He was on felony probation and found with a small amount of meth in a pipe.

Inside the house, Lori was found in a locked room. She said she was the only one in the room. But then Anthony was found hiding under the bed. Lori said she had no idea he was there. Anthony had a warrant. Lori, while not fluent in truth, did not have a warrant.

Next, deputies found Deericka hiding under bed covers. She should have told detectives that she was working undercover. It wouldn’t have worked, but it would have been a hoot for sure. She was asked if she had any warrants. She said she did. She did not lie. She had a warrant and was also on probation.

If you are sitting down reading this, stand up and stretch. Maybe get a refreshing beverage. We’re halfway there.

The next person was found hiding in a makeshift tent on the back patio. He should have made a cushion fort. Not that it would have been more effective in hiding, but it would have been super cool. The man identified himself as David, but his name is actually Emmanuel, and he was on probation and had a warrant.

Dwayne was sitting in a car on the property. He was found with a small amount of meth, although he denied it was his by stating, “If I had methamphetamine, I would have a kilo.” Dwayne didn’t try to run and hide. Of course, he was one of the few there without a warrant.

There was a man found hiding under the sink in a kitchen cabinet. He said his name was David. Turns out he lied. His name was Deshawn. And he had TWO warrants. Oh, and meth.

Deputies also caught up with Shannon who had taken off running when deputies arrived. He was caught. Shannon had no warrants or meth, so we’re not really sure why he ran.

Eight people from this one house were arrested on various charges. Inwood’s population dropped down to 6,917 that day, and Grady Town’s population increased by eight people.


Florida Man

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